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City Of Brampton Wildlife Removal & Animal Ownership Bylaws

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Bylaws, Regulations, Legal Requirements & Best Practices For Pet Ownership and Wildlife Control in Brampton, Ontario

The city of Brampton and other surrounding municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area have strict regulations to protect wildlife. Under the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal to harm or disturb wildlife without a permit, except when it is deemed necessary for the protection of property, public safety or conservation. All wildlife control activities must be conducted in accordance with local bylaws and city regulations.

In Brampton, the municipality has specific bylaws to control nuisance wildlife in the community. These regulations require property owners to use responsible, humane methods of dealing with wildlife, such as trapping or relocation when necessary. It is also illegal to use poison or any lethal force on a wild animal unless it presents a serious risk to public safety.

In addition to local bylaws, Brampton and other municipalities in the region have adopted provincial fines for infractions related to wildlife control. These include fines of up to $10,000 for illegal hunting or trapping activities, habitat destruction, and possession of prohibited species. It is also important to note that certain species are protected under the Endangered Species Act, and it is illegal to harm them or disturb their habitat. Animal control officers have enforcement authority and can be quickly dispatched by Brampton Animal Services for pets in distress calls throughout the community.

It is important for property owners to be aware of all local regulations concerning wildlife control in order to remain compliant with all laws. Consulting with a professional wildlife control company can help ensure that all activities related to nuisance wildlife are conducted safely and humanely, as well as in accordance with local, provincial and federal law.

10 City Of Brampton Animal By-laws Related To Pets

  1. The Animal Care and Control ByLaw – This bylaw outlines the rules and regulations for keeping, licensing and controlling an animal within the city.

  2. Dog Owners Liability ByLaw – Establishes specific dog ownership requirements related to exercising, leashing and controlling dogs on public property. It's important to be an accountable dog owner in Brampton, where the city has particular enforcement regulations for the ownership of dogs. Every pooch must have their license, and owners are obligated to collect their dogs waste when out with them on a leash in public areas – no running around loose! Some dog breeds, such as pit bulls, American Staffordshire terriers, and bull terriers, aren't allowed within the municipality either; if that isn’t enough incentive towards being obedient companions, then individuals may face fines or even liability claims from any damage caused by their dog.

  3. Domestic Animal in Public Places ByLaw – Prohibits people from bringing dogs and other pets into public places, such as parks, unless they are service animals or under the owner's control.

  4. Animal Nuisance Control ByLaw – Establishes rules and regulations for dealing with nuisance wildlife in a humane and safe manner.

  5. Dangerous and Vicious Animal ByLaw – Outlines specific restrictions for owning an animal deemed dangerous or vicious.

  6. Cat Licensing By-Law – This requires your cat to be licensed in the city and outlines the rules for keeping cats, such as leash ordinances, noise control and the maximum rule of six cats.

  7. Pet Shop Establishment ByLaw – Establishes rules and regulations for pet shops operating within the city.

  8. Pigeon Keeping ByLaw – Prohibits people from keeping pigeons in residential areas, with exceptions made for registered bird fanciers.

  9. Animal Shelter Establishment ByLaw – Outlines the requirements for establishing an animal shelter.

  10. Livestock Keeping By-Law – Prohibits livestock keeping within residential areas, with some exceptions for certain animal types.

10 Provincial Fines Related To Pet Ownership

  1. a typical off-leash fine for taking your dog out without a leash is $240 to $5000;

  2. failure to clean up after your pet may cost you $240 to $2000;

  3. the maximum fine for having more than three cats is $300;

  4. those found failing to control their animals’ nuisance barking may face a minimum fine of $100, up to $5000

  5. not obtaining or renewing a pet license will bring an animal control officer a hefty minimum charge of $360;

  6. some property owners may find themselves fined up to $300 if they are found allowing their cats to roam uncontrolled outside their homes;

  7. failing to comply with the vaccination laws can result in fines of up to $240.

  8. Not adhering to rules surrounding pigeon ownership can result in a minimum $100 fine

10 Provincial Fines Related To Wildlife Control

1) Hunting or trapping without a permit - up to $10,000.

2) Possession of prohibited species - up to $25,000.

3) Unlawful killing of wildlife - up to $25,000.

4) Illicit import or export of wildlife - up to $75,000.

5) Unlawful possession or trading of endangered species - up to $100,000.

6) Disturbing a nest or den - up to $10,000.

7) Destruction of habitat for endangered species - up to $50,000.

8) Release of exotic species - up to $10,000.

9) Unlawful feeding of wildlife - up to $50,000.

10) Interfering with a live animal trap – up to $1,500.

10 Humane Methods Of Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife

  1. Live-trapping and relocation.

  2. Exclusion techniques, such as barriers or covers to deny skunks access to sheds and decks.

  3. Installing noise devices in areas where wildlife is present.

  4. Installing lights in areas where wildlife is active.

  5. Using repellents such as cleaners, taste, or smell-based products.

  6. Sealing off entry points and other openings to deny birds, raccoons and squirrels access to an area.

  7. Removing food sources that may attract wildlife and pests.

  8. Modifying the habitat to make it unsuitable for wildlife.

  9. Utilizing humane one-way door methods for skunk and bird removal that do not cause harm or distress to the animal.

  10. Educating property owners on ways to co-exist with wildlife.

10 Safety Measures To Take When Handling Nuisance Wildlife

  1. Wear protective clothing such as gloves, goggles and a face mask.

  2. Always wear sturdy shoes with non-slip soles for safety.

  3. Follow all safety protocols provided by the wildlife control company.

  4. Use traps to catch and other animals only as directed by the professional wildlife control company.

  5. Be aware of your surroundings and move away from areas where wildlife may be present.

  6. Never corner or trap an animal in a confined area, as this can cause them to become agitated and aggressive.

  7. Be aware of any signs the animal may display that indicate it is feeling threatened or scared.

  8. If a live-trap has been set, keep a safe distance and wait for the animal to be removed by a professional.

  9. Do not attempt to handle wildlife, even if it appears to be docile or friendly.

  10. Call a professional wildlife control expert immediately if a wild animal is injured.

10 Tips For Maintaining Safety Around Wildlife

  1. Never approach wildlife to take selfies, even if they appear to be docile or friendly.

  2. Do not approach a wild animal that appears to be sick or injured; instead call the city of Brampton animal services for animal rescue if it's on public property or a professional wildlife control expert for quick response.

  3. Secure garbage and recyclables in bins with tight-fitting lids.

  4. Feed pets indoors and do not leave pet food outdoors where it might attract skunks and other animals.

  5. Keep bird feeders away from buildings and cover them at night to prevent the attraction of wildlife.

  6. Avoid leaving pet waste in the yard, as this can attract scavengers.

  7. Keep landscaping trimmed and maintained to reduce hiding places for creatures.

  8. Block off any entry points or openings around the home that wildlife could use to access the inside.

  9. Avoid disturbing wildlife nests and dens, as this may cause babies to be separated from their parents.

  10. Be aware of your surroundings and report any wildlife sightings or activity to a professional wildlife control expert.

10 Benefits Of Having A Local Brampton Animal Shelter

  1. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for stray dogs and abandoned pets.

  2. Reducing cat and dog overpopulation through spay and neuter programs.

  3. Rehoming and adoption services for animals in need of loving homes.

  4. Offering veterinary care and necessary medical treatment for animals in their care.

  5. Providing education and resources to the community on smart pet ownership and animal welfare.

  6. Helping to reunite lost pets with their families.

  7. Being a resource for individuals and families searching for a new pet.

  8. Offering volunteer and community service opportunities.

  9. Partnering with other animal welfare organizations and animal services agencies to provide greater support and resources.

  10. Helping to reduce the strain on municipal animal control services by providing necessary services.

10 Animal Shelters In The Greater Toronto Area

  1. Toronto Animal Services (East) - 821 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1H 2X4, Canada

  2. Toronto Animal Services (West) - 146 The East Mall, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5X2, Canada

  3. Oakville & Milton Humane Society - 445 Cornwall Road, Oakville, ON L6J 7S8, Canada

  4. Mississauga Animal Services - 735 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P4, Canada

  5. Brampton Animal Services - (905) 458-5800 - 475 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, ON L6S 6G3

  6. Durham Region Animal Services - 1505 Rossland Rd W, Whitby, ON L1N 9M6, Canada

  7. Markham Animal Services - 4261 Highway 7, Markham, ON L3R 9W3, Canada

  8. York Region Animal Services - 5034 Savage Road, East Gwillimbury, ON L0G 1V0, Canada

  9. Richmond Hill Animal Services - 50 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G7, Canada

  10. Vaughan Animal Services -70 Tigi Ct, Concord, ON L4K 5E4

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