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Mississauga Wildlife Control, Wildlife Control Mississauga



Animal Control Company in Mississauge: Safe and Effective Wildlife Solutions 


Our Peel Region based Wildlife Control Company is a premiere service providing professional wildlife removal and nuisance animal control to business owners and homeowners in Southern Ontario.


Our experienced and highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to efficiently resolve wildlife conflicts while ensuring the well-being of the animals involved.


Whether we're dealing with Little Brown Bat Removalraccoon removal, squirrel removal, bird control, or other wildlife control services, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right and remove all wild intruders.


Our wildlife control specialists understand that nuisance wildlife can cause significant damage to your home or business and pose a threat to your safety and health. That's why we use safe, humane, and effective methods to remove wildlife from Mississauga homes and prevent them from returning by securing all the entry holes.


Our goal is to provide our new and repeat customers with high-quality service, competitive rates and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their property is protected and safe from wildlife intrusion.

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Wildlife Hot Topics 

Humane Wildlife Service in Mississauga

Our animal control service is available in Mississauga and is designed to meet each customer's unique needs. Our wildlife technicians have a complete understanding of pest control and are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to effectively and safely remove wild animals from your property. Our professional team offers the following removal services:

  • Wildlife Control Roof Inspection: Our experienced technicians will start with a thorough inspection of your house or business to identify the source of the nuisance wildlife problem and determine the best course of action for humane removal.

  • Wildlife Removal: Once the source of the problem wildlife species has been confirmed, our technicians will employ safe and humane removal methods to evict the nuisance wildlife infestation from your property.

  • Wildlife Damage Repair: Since raccoons leave such big holes in the roof, we offer professional roofing repairs, providing Mississauga customers add value when hiring us

  • Wildlife Prevention: To prevent wildlife from returning to your property and causing damage, our technicians will take measures to secure your home or business and prevent wildlife from entering. This may include installing chimney caps, sealing entry points to the attic, and more.

  • Wildlife Clean-up: We also provide feces removal in Mississauga so after the wildlife has been removed, our technicians can clean and sanitize the affected areas to prevent the spread of diseases and parasites. This is a useful service for raccoon latrines or if a colony of bats is inside the attic.

  • Pest Control: Pest control in Mississauga homes is most effective when extermination and prevention are used in combination. After a pest inspection, our technicians can identify all rats and mice entry points in a house and install prevention to keep them out. Pests spread diseases so keeping them controlled is necessary for a safe living environment

  • More Nuisance Wildlife Services: General wildlife services - skunk removal, bat removal, bird removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal,

  • General Pest Control Services​ - Bed bugs control, mice and rat control

Squirrel Removal Services​


If you're a homeowner in Mississauga dealing with a pest problem in the form of red squirrels, it's important to seek animal removal services from trusted wildlife control specialists. These pesky critters can wreak havoc on your property and cause damage to your home, not to mention pose a threat to your family's health and safety. That's why squirrel removal services are essential to restoring your peace of mind and protecting your investment. By enlisting the help of experts in the field, you can be confident that your squirrel problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to enjoying your home and yard without any unwanted guests in tow.

Raccoon Removal​ Services


Raccoon infestations can be a nightmare for homeowners in Mississauga, and it's important to know that there are humane removal services available to help alleviate the problem. While some people may attempt to DIY raccoon removal, it's best to leave it to the professionals. Wildlife control specialists have the knowledge and tools to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property. Plus, they can help seal up entry points like roof vents to prevent future infestations. It's important to act quickly as raccoons can pose health risks to both humans and pets. Don't wait, contact one of Mississauga's trusted wildlife control companies today.

Service Areas In Mississauga


Are you in need of wildlife control services in Mississauga? Look no further than our expert team. We serve a variety of nearby urban areas, including Malton, Gateway, Erin Mills, Hurontario, Mississauga Valleys, and Dixie. Whether you're dealing with pesky raccoons, squirrels, or other critters, we have the experience and tools to safely and efficiently remove them from your property. Don't let an animal infestation overrun your home or business. Trust our team to handle the wildlife intruders with professionalism and care. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

  • Malton 

  • Gateway

  • Erin Mills

  • Hurontario

  • Mississauga Valleys

  • Dixie.

Our Commitment to Safe and Humane Wildlife Removal

At Brampton Wildlife Control also known as BWC, we are committed to providing our customers with safe and humane wildlife removal services. Our technicians are trained in the latest wildlife removal techniques for handling birds, squirrels, skunks and raccoons and use only the most effective and humane methods when removing them from your property. We believe that wildlife deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare in everything we do.

Why Choose BWC for Wildlife Control in Mississauga?

There are many reasons to choose BWC services for your wildlife removal needs in Mississauga, Ontario. Some of the benefits of working with us include the following:

  • Experienced and highly trained technicians: Our technicians have many years of experience and are highly trained in the latest wildlife removal techniques and methods.

  • Safe and effective methods: We use safe and effective methods to remove wildlife from your property and prevent them from returning.

  • Humane treatment of wildlife: We are committed to treating wildlife with respect and dignity, and use only the most humane methods to remove them from your property.

  • Comprehensive services: We offer a full range of wildlife removal services, including inspection, removal, prevention, and clean-up.

  • Customer satisfaction: We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we work hard to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our services.

Contact our Wildlife Control Service in Mississauga Today!

If you're dealing with a wildlife problem in Mississauga, Brampton or Caledon, don't wait. Contact Brampton Wildlife Control today to schedule an inspection and get started on the road to a wildlife-free home or business. Our experienced and highly trained technicians are standing by to help you get the relief you need from wildlife problems.

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