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Bird Deterrents, Bird Removal Brampton


Our Bird Nest Removal Brampton Experts Can Help

  • Birds can be beautiful creatures and welcome to any landscape, but they quickly become pests if left unchecked on your property.

  • Contact our bird removal expert if you’re experiencing nuisance bird issues, such as nesting inside wall exhaust vents or if you're experiencing aggressive birds protecting their eggs and babies at your home or business in Brampton, Ontario.

  • Our Brampton bird removal technicians will remove the existing nests and advise on the best prevention measures to halt future infestations.

  • Removing food sources and sealing potential access points into your house will help prevent further issues with pest birds down the line.

Hire Wild Animal Control Services For Unwanted Guests?

Get Humane Bird Removal Services For Pest Birds In Peele Region


When it comes to pest birds, getting them out fast is often the best course of action. This is because birds can carry diseases such as histoplasmosis and West Nile virus, which can be dangerous to humans if they come into contact with bird excrement or feathers.

Additionally, birds often build nests in exhaust vents, soffits, and chimneys, leading to blockages and ventilation problems, creating further damage if left unchecked.

Finally, birds may also cause damage to house siding and shingles, which can cost money to repair. A professional bird removal service with experienced wildlife removal technicians will be able to assess your property by doing a thorough inspection and determine the most effective and humane way of removing the problem without causing any harm to the birds themselves.

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Wildlife Removal Services That We Offer Brampton Customers

Other Wildlife Problems Often Start With Birds


It's known to most wildlife control Brampton services that birds attract other animals. If you let a simple bird in the soffit issue go of too long and now squirrel or raccoon removal is required, we can help.

  • Roofing & Prevention Services - Secure potential entry points and stop raccoons and other wildlife from entering your roof or business property to nest

  • Squirrel Removal - Brampton squirrel removal services

  • Raccoon Removal Brampton - Humane raccoon removal

  • Pest Control in Brampton - Pest control inspection for mice and rat infestations. Trained technicians ready for all your pest control needs.

  • Wasp Removal - Quick wasp removal in Brampton

  • Skunk Removal Brampton - Skunk deterrent techniques that get rid of them for good. By installing wire mesh below the ground, we can stop skunks from digging underneath sheds and decks.

  • Bat Removal in Brampton - Experienced technicians are absolutely essential for safe bat removal in Brampton.

  • Pigeon Control Services - Bird spikes designed to control where pigeons can land. Stop pigeons from nesting on ledges in between houses

  • Humane Baby Raccoon and Squirrel Removal From Attics - The humane approach should always be a priority when evicting wild animals.

  • Bird Nest Removal - Get rid of your bird problem fast with our humane bird removal process

What Will Our Bird Removal Brampton Service Do?


Our professional bird removal Brampton technicians will safely assess your property to identify the size of the problem before deciding to lay out a tailored plan for your bird removal service. Depending on the severity of the issue, the number of nesting areas, and access to the target area, they may use various methods for bird control, such as pigeon spikes for window ledges, bird netting for balconies, and wire screening for dryer exhaust to evict the birds from your property safely.

Our Greater Toronto Area wildlife control specialists will also recommend additional measures, such as installing prevention around rooflines or other areas where birds tend to gather to prevent them from returning in the future. We will also advise on how best to protect your property from future infestations by ensuring that foodstuffs are unavailable for birds nearby and that water sources are kept away from open areas where birds may land or roost.

Bird In Dryer Vent Cleaning Removal & Replacement


Nuisance birds like black starlings are known to create nests in dryer and kitchen stove vents in urban areas. These birds like to get inside the dryer and stove’s vents for warmth and for a safe place to lay eggs. This can be a nuisance and a risk because it interferes with dryer and stove functions which is a fire hazard, and the accumulation of bird excrement can be an unpleasant mess to clean up.

To get rid of black starling nests, you need the right tools and know-how. An experienced wildlife control company knows when there are baby birds to consider and can execute a humane removal giving them the best chance of survival. You also need to be careful not to damage the exhaust hose lining when digging out twigs and other nesting debris inside the vent; wildlife removal pros can make this a simple task.

The best long-term solution is to cover dryer and stove vents with a mesh wire material; replacing them without extra protection leaves them vulnerable to more intrusion and damage. This proven to work remade will make it impossible for the birds and even squirrels to gain entry to build a nest.

Pigeons Removal Services

The Necessity Of Pigeon Control Services At Your Peel Region Home Or Business


Pest birds like pigeons can cause significant damage in urban areas if their nesting areas encroach on your home or business. The excrement dripping from the pigeon's nest area can ruin the brick, paint, and windows on your residence by etching into the structure leaving permanent stains. Also, the droppings and build up of feathers that are scattered beneath can block eavestroughs and downspouts and create problems. Blocked gutters full of pigeon nest debris get extremely heavy in the winter when ice buildup happens, causing separation of the facia and roofline; this gap is an open invitation for the pigeons and other small pests, insects and animals. Squirrels & raccoons often hunt for bird eggs for the rich fat and protein in the eggs and the calcium in bird eggshells. This may inadvertently reveal an easy access point for them to nest inside your attic, and most animal removal services charge more for humane raccoon removal and squirrel removal

Pigeons Create A Serious Hygiene Hazard, Especially For Restaurant Establishments


Food safety in restaurants can be particularly challenging when dealing with bird poop. This can be a source of contamination, making it unsafe for consumption. They should also frequently inspect their entire premises for any signs of bird droppings or plumes. Restaurants need to take prompt action to clean away any bird-related debris and contamination, as failing to do so can lead to health code violations if diners consume contaminated foodstuffs. All customers also benefit when they see that restaurants are making the extra effort to ensure their safety and well-being by having these policies in place.

Pigeon Control Methods


Pigeon control measures are essential to prevent the contamination these birds can cause and their annoyance to humans.

The three most common bird removal methods for controlling pigeons are exclusion, trapping, and repelling.


  1. Exclusion involves blocking off areas where pigeons might roost or nest and have young;

  2. Trapping involves using humane cages to capture individuals that must be relocated;

  3. Repelling uses devices such as spikes or sound deterrents to drive flocks away from an area.


While all three of these methods can effectively reduce pigeon populations in a given area, it is important to combine methods for optimal results. Pigeon control efforts should also be combined with reducing food sources for these birds to ensure that any pest problem truly abates.

Bird Removal Cleaning Tips

Get Professional Help With Bird Removal Services & Clean up In Brampton


Cleaning up after nuisance birds is easiest with the assistance of a professional wildlife removal Brampton service that lays out a tailored plan for your specific issue. Using experts is highly recommended to ensure proper waste disposal, as removing them yourself can be difficult and dangerous when heights are involved.

Structures and surfaces around the Greater Toronto Area frequented by birds can be contaminated with bird droppings, which may contain a variety of organisms that can be harmful to humans. This includes various bacteria, viruses, and fungi, as well as pesticides and toxins present in the bird’s environment.


To prevent exposure to these potential hazards, it is important to practice safe food handling measures at all times when dealing with bird waste. This includes washing hands thoroughly after contact with affected objects or surfaces; discarding any outdoor fare items that have been exposed to bird droppings; ensuring good ventilation if using home appliances; and throwing away affected produce found in the home.


Proper cleaning and sanitation of affected surfaces are also essential for keeping vulnerable individuals safe from potential health risks associated with coming into contact with bird droppings.

In addition, a pigeon's pesky behavior, such as foraging inside an open shed or garage. Pigeon control is important for any residence or business to prevent costly damage and maintain occupants' safety.


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