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Brampton Wildlife Control:
Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal Services

Not just pest removal—Brampton Wildlife Control services include pest prevention strategies to keep your home secure from wildlife intrusion, keeping raccoons and squirrels out of your attic season after season.


Start animal-proofing your attic today to prevent future animals from causing damage to your roof soffits and attic insulation.

Our humane wildlife removal services are available in Brampton and include common wildlife species that nest inside attics.

Call Customer Service: 437-777-1176 - Brampton Wildlife Control Services. 
Raccoon Removal & Squirrel Removal

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Brampton Wildlife Removal Services | Animal Removal Experts Specializing in Roofing Repairs


If Pest Animals in the Attic Keep You Awake at Night, Brampton Wildlife Control  Can Fix That!

  • Squirrel Removal Brampton: Grey Squirrels and Red Squirrels enter the roof of homes through roof edges & fan vents. Our squirrel removal technicians know all areas where squirrels prefer to gain entry on a Brampton roof and can reinforce these areas of your home to keep squirrels out as part of the initial work squirrel removal process.

  • Raccoon Removal Brampton: Raccoons will be determined to get back inside your attic. When raccoons get used to an attic, they don't leave willingly but don't worry; we know what works to secure entry points and install high-quality materials to keep raccoons out permanently.

Budget-Friendly Pricing For Wildlife Removal in Brampton

Our squirrel removal cost is not cheap but you'll get  experience top-notch wildlife removal without breaking the bank. We have budget-friendly pricing compared to local wildlife removal companies, ensuring high-quality and services that prioritize both your safety and the well-being of wildlife.

24/7 Wildlife Control Bookings

Residential and commercial customers can secure hassle-free wildlife removal anytime, day or night, with our"contact us", 24/7 online booking system and 7 days a week service, providing you peace of mind and prompt assistance with professional wildlife removal services whenever you need it.

Humane Animal Removal & Repair

Opt for our humane removal services plus repairs, a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for a separate roofer after wildlife eviction. Experience efficient and comprehensive assistance in safeguarding your property against further damage.

Brampton Wild Animal Control Company -  Professional Wildlife Removal Services In Southern Ontario 


  • Our City Of Brampton Wildlife Removal Services Practice The Humane Approach When Removing Unwanted Animals From Homes and Businesses Without Causing Harm.​


  • We provide safe, effective critter exclusion services for residential homes in the Peel Region. Our tailored plan will prevent infestations of unwanted guests for years to come.


  • Our Brampton wildlife animal removal service team are experienced technicians and have the knowledge & and skills necessary to handle all urban wildlife problems, from bats, raccoons, wasps, and squirrels removal in Brampton; we get rid of them all by covering all the entry points and weak spots.

Baby raccoon removal from Brampton Attic.heic

Humane Brampton Wildlife Control Company: Wild Animal Removal in Brampton Ontario.

  • Brampton Wildlife Control Inc. is a local wild animal control company. Call us at 437-777-1176 for raccoon removal and squirrel removal Brampton services

  • Get Humane Wildlife Removal Solutions for Skunks under the deck and raccoon issues in the attic. 

  • We Will Also Provide Follow-Up Visits - Our wildlife removal and prevention measures will ensure all wildlife animals have vacated the attic and stop them from returning to your property.

  • Competitive  Wildlife Removal Pricing - Our animal control services for squirrel and raccoon removal in the City of Brampton are competitively priced.

  • Guaranteed Work - Wildlife removal works best with prevention measures. By protecting roof vents, dryer, and kitchen fan vents, soffit corners, chimneys, shed, porch, deck you can keep animals at bay.

Squirrel Removal Brampton

Expert Squirrel Removal Company

  • Get wildlife removal you can count on with our expert squirrel removal service technicians who skillfully resolve squirrel nuisances.  Our squirrel removal company will safeguard your property from these persistent pests with prevention strategies that are what keep squirrels for the long haul and are an excellent home investment.

Experienced Raccoon Control Services

  • Our experienced wildlife removal company specializes in humane baby raccoon removal services. Trust us to safely and effectively get rid of raccoon infestations in Brampton. Using preventative measures we can ensure a pest-free environment for your home or business. 


Skunk Removal and Control Services

  • It's best to leave skunk problems to our wildlife removal pros who have years of experience with getting rid of skunks for a living. Our skunk removal service provides a swift and odor-free solution to eliminate unwanted skunk intrusions, allowing you to breathe easy in your pest-free space.

When Do Skunks Have Babies In Ontario

Helping Brampton Residents With Our Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service


We Offer Wildlife Control Services In Brampton To Help Residents Deal With Raccoons, Squirrels, Birds And Skunks That Have Become Nuisances Inside Attics.​


Our Peel Region wildlife control services include several options for removing wildlife and pests from your property, including installing one-way doors for quick raccoon and squirrel removal and roof vent prevention measures to keep them out.

Reducing attractants and making your property less inviting is an effective wildlife removal method that can help keep your home or business safe from pests and nuisance animals.

What Animals Live In Brampton

Animal Removal Services & Pest Control in Brampton


  • Brampton Is A City in Canada, the Greater Toronto Area and the Region of Peel, With More Than 660,000 Inhabitants.


  • Brampton is the city of flowers, yes, but also raccoons and plenty of other animals that call it home.


  • Incorporated into townships in 1853, Brampton is the eighth-largest city and covers an area of 266.71 sq km.


  • What Animals Live in Brampton? Like the rest of Ontario, Brampton has issues with pests & fauna. Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Groundhogs, Opossums, Birds, Bats, Mice, and rats that inhabit Brampton streets sometimes require wildlife removal companies to keep them at bay.


  • Wild Animal Services - Typical animal control services from Bramptonians are for the removal of raccoons, squirrels, rats, skunks, and birds and to repair the damage. Most nuisance wildlife problems cause wear and tear to parts of your house from animals nesting too long in a warm attic, chimney, garage, deck, or shed.


  • A good pest control and wildlife removal Brampton company can come in handy for maintenance at residential homes. Contact our reliable animal removal services for your wildlife problem.


  • Rat infestations in the attic can sound like a family of raccoons or other wild animals, so monitoring outside might help make the right choice on hiring pest control or wildlife removal.

How To Get Rid Of A Raccoon Infestation or Squirrel Problem Inside Your Brampton Attic

Effective Wildlife Removal Technicians In Brampton

Wildlife issues for homeowners are more common than you might think. Raccoon removal and prevention go hand in hand, but it is not a simple task.

A family of squirrels can be tricky to get rid of if you have no experience, but most wildlife control guys can make it look easy. Raccoon removal can be equally tricky, so hire a wildlife removal company if you want to get rid of them in a humane manner, without any hassles.

Accessing all of the animals and the weak spots of a roof on residential homes can sometimes be difficult, even for experienced wildlife control Brampton technicians. The best option is to hire a wildlife control service with experienced wildlife technicians to complete the installation. Sure, you can try DIY tips and tricks for a small pest animal problem, but experienced squirrel & raccoon removal Brampton technicians are the best option to eliminate bigger concerns.

Our experienced nuisance wildlife control service can offer a tailored plan to protect a home or office from unwanted critters. By securing all potential entry points like roof vents, and fan vents you can prevent animal issues like squirrels and birds from making a warm nesting area out of your attic space.

Why Choose Our Brampton Squirrel Removal Service?

Best Wildlife Removal Solutions For When They're In The Attic.


Our animal removal Brampton services include red and grey squirrels. We humanly remove many wild animals each year, making us raccoon problem & squirrel removal experts who can get your property back to the way it was without the health hazard and annoying pests.

A few squirrel removal Brampton methods work, but the best process for fast wildlife removal is to use a one-way door. This exit-only door can be placed over the top of roof vents or other entry holes that lead to the attic and will humanely evict the nuisance pests. Once the squirrel exits, it can no longer enter that area. This squirrel removal technique is highly recommended and will solve the squirrel problem fast; it does not harm the critter and is the most humane removal method for getting squirrels out of the roof space.

Keep in mind red squirrels store food inside roofs and walls, so aside from seeking shelter during the winter and baby season, they may be desperate to get back into an attic to get their stash of nuts.

Following the guidance of your Brampton squirrel removal services person is the best approach for guaranteed animal control in your house.

Do You Need Domesticated Animal Services & Control In Brampton

Contact Your Local Animal Shelter For Pet Care Assistance


Animals get abandoned or left behind when people move too often; fortunately, pets, like stray cats or dogs can get help by contacting customer service at your local animal shelter. Most owners of pets don't think their cat will be too scared to move, and if the cat has a good hiding spot inside the walls, you might be in trouble. Brampton Animal Control services has useful tips on handling stressful pet issues, so phone the animal shelter directly or search their home page for more info. 

Animal Services Organizations are dedicated to helping pets and pet owners alike. They provide support and assistance for stray pets, as well as information on keeping your pets safe during times of transition, such as moving or relocating. Whether you need help with a stray animal or injured animal or seek just advice on how to care best for your furry friend, your local animal shelter can help. You can find the Animal Control Brampton phone number by searching online.


Contact Animal Services immediately if you see domestic animals needing assistance or need help with your own pet. They can assist you with everything from caring for an injured critter to providing resources for pet owners on how to rehome pets best. So if you're looking for support and guidance from people with years of experience for your pet or want to help strays find shelter, look no further than the Brampton Animal Shelter. 

How Much Does It Cost In The City Of Brampton For Humane Raccoon Removal and Squirrel  Removal Services?


Why Wildlife Control Services in Brampton Get Expensive for Squirrel Removal and Raccoon Removal Services

Many companies in the wildlife removal industry throughout Canada have similar removal methods and pricing for starting points for inspections and minimum wildlife control service. However, some free inspection or same-day service companies may cost more. Assume you phone several businesses searching for a reliable yet affordable wildlife removal company. In that case, you should always take note of the cost per item they charge when trying to pick a company because this is where prices differ the most when solving a more extensive problem.

  • How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost in Brampton? - In the city of Brampton, squirrel removal typically requires more two visits to your property. The basic cost for this method of squirrel service is based on these two visits. The first visit to your house costs $300 to set up a one-way door to evict the squirrels humanely, then, the second visit is $100 to repair the squirrel entry point.  So you'll pay $400 plus tax to do the removal and repair of a single squirrel entry hole in the roof or in the soffit.


Squirrel removal and raccoon removal companies in Brampton typically charge a fee for arriving onsite to perform an inspection; this keeps costs lower for customers across the board. A free consultation is available when you request an appointment through our contact page; select seasonal jobs only, such as skunk removal from underneath the deck and bird removal service.

Inspections done by experienced wildlife removal technicians can be helpful if you are unsure of what's in the attic; you could have either a pest problem or a wildlife problem, so on-site inspections can give you the right information.

Animal control companies that charge an inspection fee at your home or place of business for raccoon removal will install the same materials, achieving the same results for humane removal in Brampton, all for a more reasonable price. Prices for wildlife control preventative measures can increase the final cost, but most experienced wildlife removal services highly recommend it.

  • Raccoon Control Cost in the City on Brampton - If your raccoon removal services don’t come with a comprehensive, detailed description of how to get rid of raccoons by preventing them from breaking into other areas of your home, you're likely dealing with an inexperienced wildlife control company not interested in putting effort into critter-proofing your entire home. Just securing one hole at a time to fix a raccoon problem in the hopes that the raccoon won’t try the other roof vents can be much more expensive than protecting everything thats not animal-proof on the roof the first time. 

  • Squirrel Prevention - Squirrels are small so they can gain entry to inside the attic through very small openings. A squirrel removal Brampton expert knows when prevention is required to solve an urban wildlife problem. The squirrel problem sometimes can not be solved without blocking all entry points.


Installing prevention can be time-consuming, so some wildlife removal companies prefer not to mention the extras and would rather charge full-service charges if the squirrel or raccoon returns and gains entry through one of these vulnerable spots.

*The trick to getting an affordable price for wildlife control is not to waste money on service charges season after season.

Pest Control – Get Rid Of Your Pest Problem With Rodent Removal & Prevention.

A Combination Of Pest Control Exclusion & Extermination Methods The Best Rodent Removal Strategy


Mice and rats can be found in Toronto and very frequently in Brampton. Mice have lived in close contact with humans for hundreds of years because of the steady food sources and abundant shelter made easily accessible by people. The critters enter structures through fan vents and roof edges and are common in attic insulation, basements, and crawl spaces. Mice harbor diseases - including hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, and lyssavirus - and can cause serious human complications.

Some homeowners hope bating and setting snap traps will get rid of their mice problems. Unfortunately, most situations require the assistance of a certified pest control company. The problem is mice entry holes can be up high near the roof, and few pest control companies do ladder inspections of the property to achieve that.

Rodent prevention and removal in Brampton are pricey, so most people will go for the low-cost treatments offered by a pest control service and not even consider the exclusion measures. Extermination services require seasonal and annual treatments to control small pest issues before they become infestations. Avoid infestations with regular pest control services in Brampton.

  • Is wildlife removal in Brampton done humanely?
    Absolutely. Humane treatment of animals is a cornerstone of our services. We employ methods that are not only effective but also ensure the safety and humane treatment of all wildlife. Our techniques include live trapping, relocation, and exclusion methods that prevent animals from re-entering your property. We adhere to all local and provincial regulations regarding wildlife removal to ensure that our practices are ethical and humane.
  • What types of wildlife removal services do you offer in Brampton?
    Our residential wildlife removal services in Brampton starting at $300 cover a comprehensive range of animals commonly found in urban and suburban areas. These include the humane removal of raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, bats, opossums, and more. We specialize in both residential and commercial properties, providing solutions tailored to each specific situation and type of wildlife encountered.
  • How do you prevent wildlife from returning?
    Preventing wildlife from returning is a critical part of our service. After the initial removal, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify and seal potential entry points. This may include installing screens, chimney caps, and vent covers, as well as repairing any structural damage that could allow wildlife to re-enter. We also provide advice and recommendations on practices that will help discourage wildlife from returning to your property in the future.
  • What is the process for removing wildlife from my property?
    The process begins with a detailed inspection of your property to identify the type of wildlife issue, locate the animals, and determine how they are accessing your property. Based on this assessment, we select the most appropriate and humane method for removal, which could include live trapping and relocation, or exclusion techniques that allow the animal to leave but prevent re-entry. After removal, we focus on damage repair and preventative measures to ensure that your property remains wildlife-free. Throughout the process, we keep you informed and involved in decisions, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Do you provide emergency wildlife removal services in Brampton?
    Yes, we understand that wildlife issues can arise unexpectedly and may require immediate attention. That's why we offer emergency wildlife removal services in Brampton. Our team is available 24/7 to address any urgent wildlife concerns, ensuring that your property is safe and secure at all hours.
  • Have you been doing this job long?
    Yes, we have been doing wildlife control in the Greater Toronto Area For more than 20 years.
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