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The Best Squirrel Repellents To Get Rid Of Squirrels From Your Home and Garden

Updated: Feb 18

The Best Squirrel Repellents To Get Rid Of Squirrels From Your Home Garden
The Best Squirrel Repellents To Get Rid Of Squirrels From Your Home Garden

Learn How To Get Rid Of Squirrels With Simple Deterrents

From natural squirrel repellents to homemade, electronic and ultrasonic, homeowners in Brampton trying to repel squirrels may have tried one or more of these deterrents with varying success levels.

Practice, patients and persistence will win the day when repelling squirrels and some simple tips could save you time and money.

Applying cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, and other squirrel repellent sprays requires persistence to outpace the squirrel activity. After a rainy day, it's best to reapply sprays immediately for maximum effectiveness.

If you're a gardener, chances are you've had to deal with skunks, squirrels and other small animals destroying your vegetable garden or flower beds. One of the most common garden pests is squirrels. Not only do they eat all of your hard-earned fruits and vegetables, but they can also dig up tubers and bulbs and destroy plants.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep squirrels away from your garden without resorting to dangerous chemicals or hiring squirrel trappers. In this blog post, we'll be covering the top 5 squirrel repellents some of our Brampton Wildlife Control Inc service technicians have seen in action on customers' property. You too can try them in your home garden.

From our experience, we know that no single trick will guarantee success, and sometimes convincing squirrels to leave your property boils down to a few factors. The length of time the squirrels have been there, and proximity to other food sources and nesting areas will be factored into the level of effort needed to solve the squirrel problem.

Repelling Squirrels With Natural Ingredients

A cheap spray bottle is your best weapon for discouraging squirrels, it's cheap, and you can leave it outside, so it's close at hand to spray a cheeky squirrel in your garden areas.

The natural ingredients in pepper spray, essential oils and apple cider vinegar make them safe to experiment with to get the right mixture.

Hot Sauce Spray: Best Squirrel Deterrent For Ease Of Access & Use

Squirrels don't like spicy foods, so spraying hot sauce on plants and around the perimeter of your garden can help keep them out of it. Be sure to use caution when applying this method, as the hot sauce can damage plants if applied directly onto their leaves or stems.

Predator Urine: Best Squirrel Repellent For Yard Control

This may sound gross, but it might be the best squirrel repellent to deter squirrels from your garden naturally! Our Brampton Wildlife Control Pro Tip is that squirrels use urine to mark their territory. Hence, it’s ingrained in their behaviour to recognize when other animals marking their territory, possibly predators, are nearby. For their safety and, more importantly, their baby's safety, most mother squirrels will voluntarily relocate their babies to an alternate den site if their nest is discovered or suddenly a predator is in close proximity. It's common to see fresh squirrel pee stains on the roof right in front or beside the entry hole while doing squirrel removal at a customer's house.

You can purchase fox and coyote urine online or at hunting and fishing-type stores and apply it around the perimeter of your garden areas for maximum effect. It's important to note that you should reapply this repellent every few weeks or more frequently if the squirrel problem hasn’t decreased.

Coffee Grounds Are A Natural Squirrel Repellent Great For Flower Pots

Coffee grounds are another great natural squirrel repellent for keeping them away from your home garden—the strong smell will repel squirrels while also providing nutrients for nearby plants! To use coffee grounds as a squirrel repellent, sprinkle them around the perimeter of your garden or mix them into the soil before planting seeds or seedlings. Just be sure not to overdo it—too much caffeine in the soil can be harmful to plants!

Essential Oils Will Repel Squirrels Since They Hate The Strong Smells

Peppermint oil will drive squirrels away because they hate the strong scent and fumes that fill their nasal passages and eyeballs. This is one of the best squirrel repellents for confined spaces and is easy to use.

Human Hair Is A Free Squirrel Deterrent Worth Testing

Squirrels find the texture and scent of human hair displeasing and is one more squirrel deterrent to use in combination with other squirrel repellents.

WD40 Can Deter Squirrels From Chewing

Squirrels need to chew things to control the growth of their teeth so if you have something wooden that squirrels a gnawing on, WD40 is an easily applied product that works. Squirrels don't like the oily taste that's soaked into the wood and should move on to something else.

Repel Squirrels With Electronic Devices

Motion Sensor Predator Sounds For Repelling Squirrels

A motion sensor device that mimics a screeching predator bird can deter squirrels from entering open spaces in your yard. The sudden noise triggered by the sensor will startle them and make them think twice about coming back to your bird feeders if they feel threatened. Plus, it's a great way to monitor what else may pass through your yard.

Ultrasonic Devices For Squirrel Repellent:

Ultrasonic devices emit frequencies that are too high for humans (or even animals) to hear but still effective enough to scare off pesky critters like squirrels! These devices come in handy if you want an automated solution that doesn't require any manual effort on your part—set up the device near flower pots where you suspect animals are entering your yard and let it do its job!

Keep A Clean And Tidy Yard To Repel Squirrels

Prevent squirrels from entering your property by keeping it clean. If you love to feed birds and are also determined on keeping squirrels away, be sure and use a squirrel proof bird feeder and pick up access, fallen bird seed and other bird food that attract animals and other pests. You don’t want rodent infestation in your wall just because you forgot to clean up the bird seed.

Discourage Squirrels With The Right Know-How

Keeping pesky critters away from your home garden doesn't have to involve dangerous chemicals or traps. Plenty of natural repellents work just as well (or even better!) than their artificial counterparts!

In this blog post, we've covered five different methods to keep squirrels away from your home, including manmade and natural squirrel deterrents. Motion sensor lights, hot sauce spray, urine from natural predators, coffee grounds, and ultrasonic repellents have proven effective against these pesky critters! So next time you find yourself needing a solution for keeping critters away from your precious plants, consider trying one (or more!) of these natural solutions instead!

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