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The Pros & Cons Of Pot Lights: What Homeowners With Nuisance Animals Should Know

Updated: Jul 1

 The Pros & Cons Of Pot Lights: What Homeowners With Nuisance Animals Should Know
The Pros & Cons Of Pot Lights: What Homeowners With Nuisance Animals Should Know

Pot Lights are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to modernize their homes; however, these fixtures can be an enticing entryway into your house for wild animals. Raccoons, squirrels and rodents excel at squeezing through small spaces - including potlight openings! Before installing them on the outside of your abode or in attics it's critical that you take time to reflect on what this means: while they may look stylish and chic initially, extra costs due to repair work caused by animal incursions could cause headaches down the line. Considering all angles will ensure both aesthetic appeal together with monetary savings!

  • Install critter protection: These specially designed covers can be installed over pot lights to prevent animals from accessing the fixture. They are made from sturdy materials, such as steel or aluminum, and are designed to withstand the chewing and scratching of nuisance animals.

  • Secure potlights properly: Pot lights should be installed securely to prevent animals from pulling them out of the ceiling or soffit. This may involve using additional brackets or screws to reinforce the fixture and ensure that it cannot be easily dislodged.

  • To protect against unwelcome pests, seal any holes and cracks around pot lights with expanding foam or caulking. Don't let pesky rodents make your home their own - secure the area for peace of mind!

  • Protect your home by keeping an eye out for any signs of unwelcome visitors. Look around pot lights, check for droppings or strange smells that could signal the presence of animals looking to make their way in. If you suspect unwanted critters are present, don't hesitate - act quickly and professionally to remove them and repair the damage they may have caused!

Pot lights offer a luxurious and cozy touch to any home, but they can also be an attractive nuisance for wild animals. Take steps ahead of time to protect your pot lights with preventative measures or consider enlisting professional help from wildlife removal specialists if you think it's necessary - this way, not only will your lights remain in place safe & sound, but so too will the peace inside your house!

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