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Is DIY Squirrel Control Right for You?

Updated: Feb 18

Is DIY Squirrel Control Right for You?
Is DIY Squirrel Control Right for You?

Should You Leave Squirrel Removal To The Pros?

With the rising cost of pest and wildlife control services in the Greater Toronto Area, many homeowners similar to this customer are tempted to take matters into their own hands and attempt do-it-yourself (DIY) squirrel removal. While it's possible with a DIY approach to achieving satisfactory results for easy, straightforward jobs, pros and cons should be considered before making a decision. Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of trying to get rid of nuisance squirrels yourself.

The Pros of DIY Squirrel Removal

The most obvious benefit of attempting your own squirrel control is the cost savings. Professional squirrel control services can be expensive, costing $400 to $500 for the basics and into the $1000+ range to secure all possible entry points, so if you are able to successfully remove a squirrel nest using DIY methods, you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, some people prefer to have control over their own property and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with taking care of things themselves.

What Materials Are Bite-Proof To Get Rid Of Squirrels in the Attic Space

  • Metal is one of the best choices as squirrels are not able to chew through it, however, it should be galvanized or stainless steel as regular steel will corrode over time and weaken.

  • Other materials that offer chew resistance are ceramic, concrete and mortar; while pressure-treated wood is also effective due to its added resistance to weathering.

  • On the other hand, there are some materials that are best avoided when trying to keep squirrels out of your attic such as thin plastic sheeting, pressboard or thin plywood which are easy targets for the critters' sharp teeth.

  • Standard vents that come with the house are not squirrel bite resistant, even the metal ones that are the same material that eavestroughs are made out of which squirrels often chew holes to enter attics

  • With an understanding of what can hold up against them, you can rest assured knowing that your attic is safe from pesky intruders.

The Cons of DIY Squirrel Removal

  • Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to attempting your own squirrel control. For starters, it can be difficult to properly identify the type of animal you are dealing with in order to choose an appropriate solution. Our Brampton Wildlife Control technicians get called to fix DIY mistakes if homeowners don’t put effort into the removal task.

  • Homeowners often misidentify the animal in the attic, and different animals need different-sized doors installed. If a squirrel or raccoon gets stuck inside to attic spaceship because the entry point is blocked with the wrong setup, things will go wrong. The best-case scenario is the animal manages to get out by chewing the fascia board or a vent from inside. The worst case is it chews electrical wires or gets stuck and dies searching for a way out

  • Additionally, trapping and relocating squirrels may not be legal for you to do without professional assistance, depending on your location and local regulations. Squirrels can't be left in traps or separated from their babies for too long, or they might die or stray from the nest and get lost, causing problems for you and the animals.

  • Once you start the removal process on your own, you must be prepared to prevent squirrels from returning. A simple squirrel trap won't always do the trick, so keeping squirrels out of the attic permanently requires extra preventative measures.

  • Squirrels sometimes gain access to the attic through hard-to-reach holes, so if you do not have a long enough ladder to reach all possible entry points, it will not work.

  • Finally, if you aren't careful or don't know what you're doing, you risk injuring yourself or someone else in an attempt to remove the animals from your attic. You don’t want to be 30' up on a ladder when a mother squirrel gets agitated because your in close proximity to her nest and baby squirrels.

Hire Professionals for Safe Squirrel Removal and Best Results

For these reasons, it is important to research local laws, find out what type of animal you are dealing with, and work safely when attempting to remove a squirrel problem from your home. This might mean hiring a professional squirrel removal Brampton service or at least consulting them for advice before doing any trapping or removal:

At the end of the day, whether or not DIY squirrel removal is right for you depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. It is important to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision so that you can make an informed choice about how best to handle your particular situation. If done correctly and safely, DIY squirrel removal can be effective—but it's always wise to consider professional help if needed!

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